Amra again pregnant with Dzeko, another girl is coming

ROME – Good news for Dzeko in this moment made sad and complicated by the coronavirus, his wife Amra is pregnant with their fourth child.

The couple already have three children Sofia, Una and Dani. Another girl will arrive in September to the delight of Dad Edin.

“Our family of is expanding ! Another girl will arrive in September, but do not worry about house men: even if you are in the minority we will love you and pamper you even more ”.

During this coronavirus quarantine period , Edin Dzeko talked about Rome and how he spends his days with the rest of the family in an interview with "The Athletic".

It is a shame for a club like Roma not to have won anything in these years. I hope this can change , because this club deserves to win trophies .

Here is everything you can wish for. We have to take this last step: win trophies. Each trophy gives you more confidence in being able to reach higher goals.

Coronavirus ? In these days we spend our time at home , we try to dedicate as much time as possible to the children.

Let's play, read, cook together and try to make sure that this coronavirus situation, all this panic that has arisen, does not affect us and the children so much.

Rome is not in such a terrible situation as in northern Italy, since not so many people have become infected, however even here the same rigorous measures have been adopted "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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