Football regulations, here’s what changes: from the VAR to the hand ball

ROME – The Ifab (International Football Association Board) , or the body that establishes the rules of football , has published some changes to the regulation which will come into force starting from next season.

In fact, the new rules could also be adopted at the resumption of the championships after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic without waiting for the start of the 2020-2021 vintage.

These are the two options for the federations that are part of Fifa.
One of the novelties is that the referees will be called back to the Var more often because the IFA will urge them to control all subjective actions.

The audio of the conversations with the video assistants' room will not be heard, and for the hand ball it will be established that if the ball hits the shoulder there will be no referee intervention, but if it hits the elbow down instead Yup.

In the event that the attacker inadvertently touches the ball with his hand, he will be penalized only if the play concretizes immediately with a goal or if the attacker or his team are favored (for example if little time passes from the touch of the hand ) .

To clearly determine when it is handball, the limit of the arm is at the lower point of the armpit.

On the execution of the penalty kicks, if the goalkeeper moves first at the moment of the batting but the ball does not enter the goal or hits the post or the crossbar, the shot will not be repeated (it is the rule used so far), unless the The goalkeeper's infringement did not clearly influence the shooter.

Any yellow cards waved during the game (including overtime) will not be considered in the penalty lottery.

If a player takes a yellow during 120 'and one in the penalty lottery, he will not be sent off.

In the event that the goalkeeper and the shooter violate the rules simultaneously, the shooter will be penalized.

Another thing established by the Iffab is that if a player does not respect the mandatory distance of 4 meters when the ball is on the ground he will be warned. (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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