Coronavirus, Diaconale (Lazio): “Do you want to start with your workouts together? Funny thesis of Juventus “

ROME – Yet another social controversy of Lazio spokesman Arturo Diaconale . According to Lotito's man , the training of Serie A clubs should not all resume at the same time.

According to Diaconale, Lazio should have the right to resume training before Juventus because it would have behaved in a more virtuous way …

In other words, Lazio did not let their foreigners leave, as Juventus did, so they would immediately have them available for an immediate resumption of training.

Here is the post published on Facebook by Arturo Diaconale.

“The funny thesis of the equality of the points of restart.

Paraphrasing Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli who said he loved Gregorio XVI because that Pope offered him the opportunity to speak ill of him, I must admit that I am very fond of certain Juventus fans because they always give me the pretext to strike up a little controversy. as a war without neighborhood, but only as a peaceful confrontation of ideas.

The last of these pretexts obviously concerns the resumption of the training of the teams in view of the conclusion of the championship which according to Juventus fans should make the government adopt a decision inspired by the thesis that Luigi Einaudi proposed for the benefit of all citizens, that of the equality of the starting points.

But what does Einaudi have to do with the resumption of training ? It has something to do with it, because the proposal of the Juventus fans can be summarized in the formula of "equality of the restart points".

In the sense that in their opinion, since there are some teams that have allowed their players to leave Italy putting themselves in the condition of having to be subjected to quarantine before resuming the training that should precede the resumption of the championship, the start date of these workouts should only be fixed after the return of those abroad and the end of their quarantine.

All this in order not to give any advantage to those who preferred not to give expatriation permits in the forecast that sooner or later they would start playing again and in the knowledge that the permits would have lengthened the time of restarting training and the championship out of all proportion.

Is it legitimate to imagine that the belief that the championship was now over has also weighed on promoting these permits?

And is it too much to hope that the government will not be influenced by the pressure of Juventus fans for an "equality of the restart points" which, however, would represent an unjust penalty for those who have had virtuous behavior and an unjustified prize for all the others?

Happy Easter to all, especially to the Juventus fans who allow me to launch some controversy in the name and on behalf of those from Lazio! ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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