Alex Zanardi, serious accident in handbike: operated on the head, is hospitalized in intensive care

ROME – Fear for the Paralympic champion Alex Zanardi who had a serious road accident while riding a handbike in the province of Siena.

According to a first reconstruction, Zanardi was traveling on a provincial road between Pienza and San Quirico when he collided with a truck.

Rescue immediately began and the helicopter rescue arrived on site, which urgently transported the sample to the hospital.

Alex Zanardi, the serious accident

Zanardi was participating in a relay race for the sporting club Obiettivo 3, following a route that involved the arrival of the stage in Montalcino.

The champion would have lost control of his handbike while driving down a half-bent, sliding in the opposite lane where the truck passed.

According to what was learned, the athletes who were participating in the relay with Zanardi gave the alarm.

On the spot intervened together with the rescuers, carabinieri, municipal police of Amiata-Valdorcia and also the firefighters.

Then the helicopter rescued to transport Zanardi to the hospital in Siena and his condition would be serious.

Zanardi operated on the head: severe head injury

The first medical bulletin at 8 pm takes stock of the sample's situation.

The bulletin reads: "He is hospitalized in very serious conditions at the polyclinic Santa Maria alle Scotte Alex Zanardi".

"The car driver, para-cyclist and TV presenter, got involved in a road accident in the province of Siena," he continues.

Then he continues: "Zanardi was transported with the Pegaso helicopter rescue and landed at the hospital in Siena at 18".

The doctors say: "He was immediately taken into care by the emergency room professionals, evaluated in the shock room and his conditions are very serious":

The athlete suffered severe head injury and underwent surgery.

Zanardi in intensive care

The neurosurgery and maxillofacial intervention of the handbike sample ended after three hours.

"His health is very serious," reads the hospital's bulletin.

The specimen was transferred to the intensive care unit. The prognosis is confidential

From Formula 1 to the Paralympic Games

Former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi, who had lost the use of his legs after a serious accident, had dedicated himself to paralytic sports and achieved international success.

Since then, Zanardi has established himself as a national reference point for handbike.

In his sports career, he has won four gold medals at the Paralympic Games in London 2012 and Rio 2016.

Then he also won 8 titles at the world road championships. (Sources: AGI, ANSA)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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