Vidal controversy on Instagram, the var saved Real Madrid against Valencia

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – Arturo Vidal is on the market but until the last minute he is behaving like a real Barcelona player .

In fact, yesterday, during the Real Madrid game, he argued on Instagram for an arbitral favor to the blancos.

Real won 3 to 0 against Valencia but on the result of zero to zero was saved by the var.

In fact there are strong doubts about the network canceled in Rodrigo which was most likely regular.

Vidal commented on the slow motion episode with sarcastic laughter in Instagram stories.

Meanwhile Arturo Vidal offers himself to Antonio Conte's Inter: "My old coach knows I'm a winner".

Transfer market, Arturo Vidal breaks with Barcelona and offers himself to Antonio Conte's Inter in an interview with El Periódico de Catalunya.

The Chilean midfielder's statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

“I have won many trophies to be considered an economic compensation.

Few players can boast a path like mine, I'm not a kid and I can't think of being on the transfer market every time the press writes something, otherwise you will go crazy.

There are still two months before the end of the season, I want to feel important otherwise one must also think about the career.

I am very well in Barcelona, ​​my family is happy and I have excellent companions, but I like to play, I don't always say, but the key games, those that are needed to win titles yes.

There are players with great talent, but there are some more complicated matches than others where other qualities also count.

With Conte we have a good relationship – underlines the Chilean -, he knows that I am a winner and that you can trust me.

This is what I ask here too, which focuses on me, in these two months I expect to feel this trust ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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