Galliani, dinner in Milan and exultation for Gattuso as in Manchester 2003

MILAN – " Certain loves do not end …", this phrase of a famous song by Antonello Venditti goes perfectly with the special relationship that exists between Adriano Galliani and Rino Gattuso since the time of Milan.

The current Monza manager followed the Italian Cup final with close friends in a restaurant in Brera.

At the time of penalties, Galliani would have exulted in the success of his friend Gattuso as in the famous evening in Manchester, when Milan defeated Juventus on penalties in the 2003 Champions League final.

A few days after the promotion to the Serie B of Monza, decided by the Federal Council, the CEO Adriano Galliani spoke about the Lombard team's transfer market.

Let's start with the two most suggestive hypotheses: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mario Balotelli at Monza.

Ibrahimovic at Monza ? We are not basically looking for it.

Then, if unpredictable things happen, anything can happen.

In the meantime, I believe that the transfer market will end next October.

Mario Balotelli at Monza ? I love Mario but we are focusing above all on young people of great quality ".

Shortly after Galliani, without hiding, spoke of how the declared goal of Monza is Serie A.

The declarations of the former Milan manager are reported by

"It is useless to hide: we want to bring Monza to Serie A.

Now comes the hard part, but the conditions for hitting the target are all there.

We believe we have the right know-how to do it.

It won't be a Champions League or a league title, but this promotion is Silvio Berlusconi's 30th football trophy, we think we have the skills.

I believe that this city must be grateful to the economic effort of President Berlusconi, he has become from Monza and wanted to do something important for Monza.

The goal now is to build a top team, we have started talking about the market and we have already filed the preliminary contract for the purchase of Barberis del Crotone.

Budget? It will be to go to Serie A, not doing crazy things but doing the necessary.

If we thought of Balotelli? I love him but absolutely not.

Serie B will restart either on 19 or 26 September, we will work from 1 July to be ready.

In one of our usual breakfasts I told Berlusconi that the Colombo family was selling the Monza – the former Milan AC CEO remembers -, the president asked those present what they thought, I said nothing, everyone was enthusiastic and Berlusconi he said go and do, I slingshot from Colombo and before evening I had bought the club on behalf of Berlusconi "(source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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