Pietro Castellitto will be Francesco Totti even if he doesn’t look like him at all …

ROME – Pietro Castellitto will be Francesco Totti. To reveal it is Antonella Piperno for agi.it. Here is his article.

"The official is still missing, but Pietro Castellitto will be Francesco Totti , for the role of his mother Monica Guerritore and the former Roma number 10 would have been chosen, who should also appear in some scenes, unless second thoughts should be the narrative voice of the its history.

Scheduled for February and then stopped by the coronavirus, as the AGI learns, filming of the TV series Wildside for Sky should start at the end of July based on the autobiography 'Un capitano' written by Totti with the journalist Paolo Condò, for Rizzoli .

Asked by AGI, Wildside does not confirm, explaining that there is still no certain date for the start of filming and not even the official name of the protagonist .

To interpret the champion in the six episodes of fifty minutes directed by Luca Ribuoli who will tell his childhood, his adolescence and his adult phase, according to leaked rumors, there will be three Totti, a boy, a boy and Castellitto Jr., on the set. interpreter that has been talked about persistently since last November.

Pietro Castellitto will be Francesco Totti despite the poor physical similarity.

To remedy the poor resemblance to the champion, the actor (already interpreter, among other things of 'La profezia dell'armadillo' and in the cast of the new film by Gabriele Mainetti 'Freaks out' ) has been subjected to long prosthetic make-up sessions, in Favino / Craxi style for 'Hammamet' :

four hours of work a day, which, according to the AGI, would not have given the desired results, so much so as to have made one think, at some point, also for reasons of age, of a replacement of the actor, then filed in the bud:

for the twenty-eight year old Castellitto to date, therefore, the normal stage trick would be required , necessary to age him progressively to interpret Totti, today 43 years old, up to the age (40 years) of the retirement from football (source Antonella Piperno for agi.it) .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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