Alessandro Cecchi Paone: “The national women’s football team? At least half are lesbians “

Alessandro Cecchi Paone: "La Nazionale di calcio femminile? Almeno la metà sono lesbiche"

Alessandro Cecchi Paone: "The national women's football team? At least half are lesbians "

ROME – The national women's football team? "At least 50 percent are lesbians." Word of Alessandro Cecchi Paone that the Zanzara microphones on Radio 24 is keen to let people know that they have been a great supporter of the blue players who are giving prestige to our country since they were not suspicious.

"Now all silent to apologize – says Cecchi Paone – For years I have supported women's football and defended it by the federal leaders who attacked him saying that football was not for women, the locker room and these things here …". According to him there are "many more lesbian women in women's football than in men's gays. For years we have been waiting for a soccer player to come out, but after the World Cup there will be the coming out of entire women's teams. In a team at least half are lesbians and obviously I don't say it in a negative sense. I've always protected them. They are lesbians because there is a male component in some lesbian women who finds an outlet in areas that were once only male. And this also applies to the national team. I know some of them ”.

Why don't they say it ?: “Because in a male-dominated world, they have one more problem than a gay man. They have a double problem ”. "In women's football there is considerable representation – says Cecchi Paone – and there are areas where sexual orientation has its importance, a weight".

Leonardo da Vinci: "If he wasn't gay he didn't do what he did. He had a trait and a sensitivity, the models were his companions or boyfriends. Leonardo is a universal genius, not Italian and it is essential that he be gay. And if Michelangelo had not been gay he would not have done so the Sistine Chapel or did not do other works as he did … ". (Source: La Zanzara)

The article by Alessandro Cecchi Paone: "The national women's football team? At least half are lesbians " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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