Sara Gama, the captain of the women’s national team insulted on social media: “You are not Italian”

Sara Gama, la capitana della Nazionale femminile insultata sui social: "Non sei italiana"

Sara Gama, the captain of the women's national team insulted on social media: "You are not Italian" (Facebook photo)

MILAN – "Did it seem to you that the African player of the Italian women's football team didn't put her in the foreground?" In the current Italian climate, racist comments could not be missed from Sara Gama, captain of the women's national football team.

It was not enough the beautiful victory against Australia to give the right honor to the blue players. More than the shirt, there are those who have focused their eyes on the skin and hair of Sara, very Italian from Trieste, but from the appearance that refers to other origins. And so on the social networks the ignorance of keyboard lions has been released.

"I don't understand why only one has her hand on her heart and doesn't be Italian," someone wrote. And someone else: "That will also be born in Italy, will have Italian citizenship, speak Italian but, I'm sorry, it's not Italian. It has neither the characteristics nor the chromosomes ". And again: "How can you be Italian".

Fortunately, in response to these words, many messages of solidarity also arrived to the player. As one user pointed out, in fact, "what a pleasure today to have read about the" perplexities "of someone about your being Italian … But what a pleasure … Because you see, after this I learned that there is an Italian female national team that is giving prestige to their country, and that it has a captain with curly hair and slightly darker skin. All this I didn't know … So thanks to these 4 money racistelli, you did me a favor … From today Sara and the national women's team have an extra fan … You who believe to defend ideologically the national identity you have understood nothing and you are the highest traitors of the Homeland who too often chew together with other terms of which you have no conscience. Honor. Patria. You are not worthy .. If you don't respect an Italian, you don't respect the national team, you don't respect the Italian laws that say that Sara is Italian, then you don't respect Italy. Italy is my country, the country of Sara. Italy is not your country. Traitors and infamous ". (Source: Facebook)

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