Zeman: “Frond in the locker room of Rome? There they are so used to it “

Zeman: "Fronda nello spogliatoio della Roma? Lì sono abituati così"

Zeman: "Frond in the locker room of Rome? There they are so used to it ". Photo ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

ROME – Zdenek Zeman, a free coach looking for the right opportunity to get back on track, was interviewed by Matteo Pinci for La Repubblica.

The Bohemian interview began with the recent investigation by Repubblica on the internal problems of AS Roma. According to Zeman, in Rome they are used to frond in the locker room.

"The frond in the locker room? Well, they were so used to it. But if I brought Roma to the Italian Cup final, I got some results, we also played well. And the 4 goals for Milan gave me great satisfaction. Everyone gets scared because they say that I work a lot and many don't want to ".

"I know that I was killed because I said publicly that I wanted the company to set strict rules. And there they got angry. I had to keep it for myself ”. "I don't know who was to blame for my situation with De Rossi. I can certainly say that he did not do as expected with me, as he also received 4.5 report cards from his journalist friends. It is not true that he played little: in the field he often went. But he had a low average. He had problems for me, but it could also be that it was my fault. "

"Instead of training, some spent their days on the beds massaging and caring, today it's normal. I was not used to it because I thought that professionals would train, but it is a general problem, of all the teams, it was me who was not used to it. "Francesco Totti instead trained regularly. His personal masseur was probably better … ".

During this interview, Zeman harshly criticized Daniele De Rossi, a few days after his farewell to Rome after 18 years of long militancy, and wanted to draw a clear distinction with Francesco Totti who, according to the Bohemian, is an exemplary professional who did not skip never workouts.

The Zeman article : "Frond in the locker room of Rome? There they are so used to it " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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