Tottenham fan finds a Liverpool fan’s wallet, that’s how it ends

Tifoso Tottenham trova portafoglio di un tifoso del Liverpool, ecco come va a finire

Tottenham fan finds a Liverpool fan's wallet, here's how it ends (social media photos)

MADRID – Splendid story on the sidelines of the Champions League final which crowned Jurgen Klopp's Reds on the roof of Europe. A Tottenham fan found a wallet with 800 euros and all the details of the owner in the taxi that took him to the stadium.

In the wallet, there was also a letter that his wife had written to him before he died. The Tottenham fan, despite the rivalry and the large sum of money found inside, did not hesitate to call him to give it back to him.

The Liverpool fan was moved by his noble gesture and immediately joined him at the pub where he was to take back his wallet. The Liverpool fan entered the pub with the Reds shirt and gave the Tottenham fan a long hug full of affection and gratitude. Then, on the wings of enthusiasm, he offered everyone to drink.

After the final, won by Liverpool, the Reds fan contacted the Tottenham fan again and wrote him a message. In this message, he said he was sorry for the success of his Liverpool and said he intended to donate 500 pounds to a charity association chosen by Tottenham fan.

The Tottenham fan thanked him for this noble initiative and asked him to make a donation to the Help For Hero's association. This is the charity organization in favor of British soldiers wounded after 11 September 2001.

This is a story with a happy ending that reconciles with a world like football where we often talk about clashes or violence between opposing fans. These two fans, one from Liverpool and the other from Tottenham, were able to honor both the Champions League grand final and their life with these noble behaviors (sources and the Twitter profile "Il calcio inglese").

The Tottenham Fan article finds the portfolio of a Liverpool fan, that's how it seems to be the first on the daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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