Zaniolo reassures everyone on Instagram: “I’m fine, head to the next game”

Zaniolo tranquillizza tutti su Instagram: "Sto bene, testa alla prossima partita"

Zaniolo reassures everyone on Instagram: "I'm fine, head to the next game". Photo ANSA / CLAUDIO GIOVANNINI

ROME – Zaniolo calms everyone. The Roma footballer came out in the 41 ′ Italia-Spagna match of the European Under-21 team due to injury . Zaniolo received a blow to the head at 31 ', he tried to stay in the field for another ten minutes but in the end he had to raise the white flag for a strong head spin. The baby phenomenon of Rome came out as a precaution.

Today Zaniolo wanted to reassure his fans with the following post published on Instagram: "Thanks for the affection you showed me now I'm better …" head "to the next game strength blue  . The post of the Roma soccer player came after his mother's post Francesca Costa had already reassured everyone through his official Instagram profile.

Zaniolo is doing well and is available to coach Gigi Di Biagio for the next match of the Italian National Under 21 team in the European championship of the category.

Zaniolo is already worth almost 70 million euros, it costs more than the Church .

There is a trio of bomber jackets, which would make the throat of half the world, at the top of the list of the 100 most expensive footballers drawn up by the Cies. According to the International Sports Studies Observatory, the most expensive player on earth is Mbappé with a value of 252 million. Behind the French PSG are Salah del Liverpool (219.6) and Sterling del City (207.8). 'Solo' 4 / o Messi, which for the CIES is worth 167.4 mln, which takes into account different market indicators and is conditioned by a fundamental parameter: the age of the player.

That's why the other 'monster' Cristiano Ronaldo, is just in 20 / a position with a value of 118.1 million. In the top 100, which examines the 5 major European championships, there is also room for Dybala 23 / o, Piatek 44 / o, Bentanacur 46 / o, Skriniar 64 / o, Cancelo 66 / o, Zielinski 68 / o, Ruiz 89 / o, Milik 96 / o, Icardi 99 / o and only for 4 Italians: Insigne 53 / o with a market value of 75.1 mln, Zaniolo 74 / o (68.3 mln), Chiesa 92 / o ( 63 mln), Donnarumma, 100 / o (61 mln) (source: Ansa).

The Zaniolo article reassures everyone on Instagram: "I'm fine, head to the next game" seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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