Totti leaves Rome. Amendola: “They want to deromize us”. Gasparri: “Pallotta like Attila”

Totti lascia Roma. Amendola: "Vogliono deromanizzarci". Gasparri: "Pallotta come Attila"

Totti leaves Rome. Amendola: "They want to show us off". Gasparri: "Pallotta like Attila". Photos ANSA / CLAUDIO ONORATI

ROME – Francesco Totti has left Rome by shooting at zero for Franco Baldini and for president James Pallotta ( here his complete statements ). His farewell sparked the fury of Roma fans who had been disputing American property for months. In the last hours, some VIP fans have also raised their voices.

Claudio Amendola repeated the concept expressed by Totti: "The goal of the American leadership was to deromize us. They succeeded by sending Totti and De Rossi away ”. Maurizio Gasparri has increased the dose: “Pallotta is like Attila. Look at how he treated Totti and De Rossi … ".

Claudio Amendola spoke to Stefano Carina's microphones for Il Messaggero. Here are some of his statements: "It's the icing on the cake. Finally the Bostonian-London theorem ends. I believe that Francis endured the bearable. One like him cannot appear as a simple pennant. I seem to witness the perfect murder. They killed Rome. " "I don't know this, I only know that in twenty days Roma lost De Rossi and Totti".

"This is precisely the mistake made when this story is judged. It is not up to me to say so and maybe Francesco will do it, but the problem is that they put him in a position to say no. It is like when a husband or wife does not have the courage to leave their spouse and let them leave. And this is the behavior of cowards, men or women who do not have the courage to face reality and to assume the consequences of their actions directly. There has always been, from the beginning, the will to deromate Rome. And now they have succeeded ".

Maurizio Gasparri spoke on the microphones of Francesca Schito for Il Tempo: "Pallotta, I think it is really the Attila of Rome. I think of how Toni was treated during Spalletti's time, of De Rossi's farewell with all the misunderstandings there were. I understand that it is not easy to find a role for Francesco, if the symbol, the technical director, vice president or other, but if Totti leaves Rome, I believe that the contempt of the city towards Pallotta should be resounding and total. We must hope that Pallotta leaves the company in any way ”.

The Totti article leaves Rome. Amendola: "They want to deromize us". Gasparri: "Pallotta like Attila" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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