Water polo, Italy world champion: ‘Settebello’ beats Spain 10-5

Pallanuoto, Italia campione del mondo: 'Settebello' batte Spagna 10-5

Water polo, Italy beats Spain and graduates world champion (photo Ansa)

GWANGJU – The Italian ' Settebello ' beats Spain in the final by 10 to 5 and wins the gold medal for men's Water Polo at the Gwangju World Cup. This is the fourth World title in the history of our national water polo team.

Italy dominated the entire match. In fact, Spain conceded only 4 goals in numerical superiority and one on penalty. The Azzurri went first ahead in numerical superiority with a Luongo network. Perrone's momentary balance before Oscar Echeniche's goal and the new tie, again by Perrone, which ends the first half.

The second fraction sees Italy that realizes other three networks, with Figlioli, Dolce and Renzuto, against one of the Iberians of Munarriz Egana, closing 5 to 3. Three to one also in the third time with realizations of Aicardi, still Dolce and Fulvio to front of a network of the Spanish Mallarac. The last time, therefore, starts with the Settebello leading by 8-4 which allows Italians to play 'on velvet'.

To mark and bring the game on 9-4 is therefore Luongo. Spain shortens the gap again with Mallarac but it is Bodegas that signs the last and definitive Italian goal that allows the Settebello to close for 10-5 and wins the fourth world title after those of 1978, 1994 and 2011.
The bronze instead goes to Croatia, outgoing world champion, who beat Hungary 10-7.

SPAIN-ITALY 5-10, the scoreboard of the World Water Polo final.

SPAIN: Lopez Pinedo, Munarriz 1 rig., Granados, De Toro, Cabanas, Larumbe, Barroso, Fernandez, Tahull, R. Perrone 2, Mallarach 2, Bustos, Lorrio. All. Martin Lozano.

ITALY: Del Lungo, Di Fulvio 1, Luongo 2, Figlioli 1, Di Somma, Velotto, Renzuto 1, Echenique 1, Figari, Bodegas 1, Aicardi 1, Dolce 2, Nicosia. Campaign campaign.

REFEREES: Margeta (Slo) and Goldenberg (Usa). NOTES: sup. num. Spain 16 (2), Italy 6 (4); released 3 f. Di Somma and Figari in the 4th time. Warning Campaign for Protests.

OTHER FINALS – 3rd place: Croatia-Hungary 10-7; 5th place: Serbia-Australia 13-9. 7th place: Greece-Germany 11-6.

BLUE WALK : 14-5 Brazil, 9-7 Japan, 8-7 Germany, 7-6 Greece, 12-10 Hungary (source AGI).

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