Calciomercato, Juventus wants to blow Lukaku to Inter: possible exchange with Dybala

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Lukaku from Manchester United lights up the transfer market. Will he go to Juventus or Inter? (photo Ansa)

TURIN – Between Inter and the purchase of Romelu Lukaku another obstacle has sprung up, the inclusion of Juventus. The transfer market negotiation was already made difficult by the fact that Inter had no intention of paying the 85 million euros requested by the Red Devils for the Belgian striker, now it becomes even more complex for the inclusion of Juventus.

The bianconeri spoke of Romelu Lukaku both with the player's agent, Pastorello, and with Manchester United itself. With Pastorello there is a common purpose while with United there is still no agreement but the parts are not far away. Or rather, between Juve and Manchester there are more possibilities of agreement than those of an agreement between the Nerazzurri and the English club.

The reason is easy to explain. Inter does not want to pay 85 million euros and United is not interested in lowering its request by taking Ivan Perisic as a technical counterpart. The negotiation between the Nerazzurri and the English is therefore stalled.

Juve and Manchester still do not agree on the price of the transaction but have an agreement on the exchange between Paulo Dybala, a footballer coming out of the Bianconeri, and Romelu Lukaku.

The problem is that both clubs would also like to earn cash. For Manchester United, Lukaku has a higher market value than that of Paulo Dybala, for Juventus it is the exact contract. In the end, an equal exchange cannot be excluded.

Inter have no technical counterparts affecting Manchester United. The Nerazzurri have tried to include in the negotiation both Mauro Icardi (who does not want to go to play in England and who is not interested in the United anyway) and Ivan Perisic (who was interested in the English club two years ago but not now). Juve would like to take one between Icardi and Lukaku. Another striker is needed because both Kean and Higuain are out.

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