Viktorija Mihajlovic: “Illness has changed my father. Now she is sensitive, more elastic and empathetic “

ROME – Viktorija Mihajlovic has decided to write a book to tell how her family dealt with dad's illness.

The book is titled ' Sinisa , my father ' and was released for Sperling & Kupfer on May 19th.

For Viktorija, writing this book was therapeutic , an effective way to vent her concern about dad's illness.

A few days after the publication of this book , Viktorija was interviewed by Doriano Rabotti for

Here are some statements made by the daughter of the Bologna coach.

“Writing this book was therapeutic for me, I wrote it when Dad was still in the hospital.

Writing allowed me to let off steam.

It was a difficult period, but it helped me to grow, I am no longer that of six months ago.

Now we are even more united than before.

When they told me about the diagnosis, I wanted to be an only child so that my brothers wouldn't suffer, one is only 13 years old, another 17.

Now I can say that they have been my greatest strength, a brother understands you like no other.

It was a shock for everyone.

Why did illness change my father? Because he learned to show his weaknesses, before it was not clear if he was sad or happy.

Now she is sensitive, more elastic and empathetic, before she had an armor that I believe derives also from her Serbian origins, even my grandmother is like that.

Suffering leads you to close yourself, I also wrote this book to let you know that he is good and sweet.

I wrote that strength is not merit but it comes out on your own because many ask me how do you pass a test like this.

I know that when being strong is the only choice you have to continue, strength comes out.

the problem is how you use the suffering you are feeling: if after you get worse, you have not used the suffering well ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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