Serie A, important news: in isolation only those who are positive

ROME – The technical and scientific committee met the requests of the Serie A League to end the season with as few hitches as possible.

In the event of a player 's positivity , only he will go to isolation.

The rest of the team will be refrained from mandatory quarantine.

Otherwise, the team with one or more positives would have had to stop two weeks and seriously endanger the end of the Serie A season.

The technical-scientific committee said yes to this fundamental modification referring to the German model.

In fact, in the Bundesliga only the positive coronavirus player is isolated and not the entire squad of the team.

Immediately after the positivity of a footballer or a staff member, all members must immediately undergo a swab.

In this case, the speed will be essential not to infect other players and to play the next matches regularly.

All this because there is no time to lose, the championship must end categorically by August 2nd.

Just as it is equally mandatory to send the list with the names of the teams qualified for the Champions and Europa League to UEFA by 3 August.

But that's not all, the roadmap cannot undergo any setbacks because the current European cups must also be finished .

Immediately after the National Championships, almost certainly in the same week, the remaining matches of the European cups will be played to select the best eight of the Champions and Europa League.

Then you should move on to the Final Eight.

That of the Champions League should be played in Lisbon, at "home" of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Europa League one should instead be located in Germany where they have shown that they know how to restart football safely.

Atalanta is already in the top eight of the Champions League while Juventus and Napoli have yet to qualify.

In the Europa League, both Rome and Inter still have to detach the ticket to enter the top eight of the Europa League.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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