Viktorija Mihajlovic: “All my ex boyfriends were in awe of my father”

ROME – Viktorija Mihajlovic spoke about her relationship with her father Sinisa during an interview with "I Lunatici", a broadcast that airs on Rai Radio 2.

During the interview with Roberto Arduini and Andrea Di Ciancio, Mihajlovic's daughter revealed that all her ex-boyfriends were afraid of their father.

Viktorija Mihajlovic's statements are reported by

“I dedicated a book to my dad, with the desire to make it known also in other guises.

Everyone knows him as Sergeant Sinisa, I wanted to make his more human, good, generous, sensitive side known.

Telling the Sinisa who braids me before going to school, or who plays the fool to make me laugh when he comes home.

The first boyfriend I brought home? He was a little in awe.

But even now my friends are in awe, when I invite them to have dinner at home they tell me that if Sinisa is there they come after dinner.

He doesn't put you at ease very much, he stays a little cold, or even when he makes the joke, maybe he gets hurt and you have to laugh.

The same is also true for boyfriends, as a child she was very jealous of my boyfriends, but I also took my own.

I used to bring some weird kids home, let's say it ”(sources I Lunatici on Rai Radio 2 and

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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