Goal with double overhead, the combined shot to Holly and Benji is reality VIDEO

ROME – Do you remember the combined shot made famous by the famous Japanese cartoon on football Holly Benji ? We have an example in reality …

During an old Gimnasia La Plata-Boca Juniors , Romero and Perez hit the ball simultaneously resulting in a crazy goal.

The combined shot of Romero and Perez left no way for the opposing goalkeeper with the Gimnasia players who were able to cheer for this advantage.

But what exactly is combined shooting ? Holly and Benji fans would answer this question in the blink of an eye but let's explain it to everyone else …

Quite simply, there is a combined shot when two players simultaneously hit the ball.

So it doesn't matter if we talk about a stunt, like in this video, or a low shot.

What really matters is hitting the ball together to confuse the opposing goalkeeper.

In fact, if you watch this video, the Boca Juniors goalkeeper has been disoriented by this Holly and Benji game and he hasn't been able to move.

It is difficult to parry a combined shot because the direction of the ball cannot be understood in time as the latter is kicked by two opponents simultaneously.

Below is the video from YouTube with the splendid goal with combined shot by Perez and Romero from Gimnasia La Plata.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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