Verona blocks Atalanta on the draw but the Bergamo players hook Inter in 2nd place

A draw that does not hurt for Atalanta . The Bergamo players are stopped by Verona on the result of 1 to 1 but they lock Inter in second place in the standings.

Of course with Verona's equal, Atalanta could be overtaken again in case of a positive result for Inter on the Roma field but for today it can enjoy the second position in the standings.

In Verona, Atalanta did not play a great game. The Bergamo players have found a team like her, who always plays at 100 per hour. So Gasperini's team was unable to win the game on the race as it usually does.

Furthermore, also at a tactical level, Atalanta has not found great solutions because Juric knows Gasperini perfectly since he was a 'pupil' of him at the time of Genoa.

Then winning in Verona is not easy for anyone since Juventus lost on this field and Inter did not go beyond the draw. Thanks to this draw, the Venetians have redeemed the defeat of the Olympic Stadium against Rome.

In any case, it will be difficult to see a Verona in Europe because Rome, Naples and Milan have accumulated a nice advantage in terms of points and there are many races at the end of the championship.

Atalanta tried to win with a goal from Zapata but in the end he had to surrender to the tap in, two steps away, of the ex Pessina (who had also scored against Roma).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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