Fonseca-Zaniolo, all in favor of the camera: first the reproach, then the forgiveness

Fonseca did everything, first the reproach to Zaniolo after Rome-Verona, then the forgiveness, always in the press room, before Rome-Inter.

Fonseca is using the stick and carrot with Nicolò Zaniolo. After publicly reprimanding him, after Rome-Verona, he spent words of praise for him before the big match against Inter.

After Rome-Verona, Fonseca had sided with Mancini, author of a dispute in the field with Zaniolo himself:

“Mancini scolded Zaniolo because he didn't come back to defense? He did well, I agree with him. It is important that the attackers also lend a hand to the other teammates. This time I didn't like Zaniolo ".

Now, a few hours after the big match against Antonio Conte's team, Fonseca has corrected the shot:

“I have no problem with Zaniolo and with the other Roma players. Nicolò comes from a long injury and needs time to return to his levels. For us he is a very important player.

Although nothing had happened, we still talked in training, as we always do, and I repeat that everything is fine.

Smalling has recovered from his injury but I can't tell you if he will start as a starter or from the bench. The correct recovery of the injured players must be guaranteed ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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