Verdone unleashes: “Rome with economic problems, sold players who wanted to stay”

ROME – Carlo Verdone is one of the most famous Roma fans among the VIPs.

The actor is experiencing the current situation of his favorite team with suffering and for this reason he vented during an interview with Non è la Radio.

Verdone's declarations are reported by

“I am worried: between the epidemic and the delicate situation of Italian football, Friedkin seems to have taken a step back.

Rome is very indebted, the greatest danger is having to give up a jewel like Zaniolo.

It would be a tragedy, yet another talented player sold.

After the sale of Salah and then of the others, everyone said that Salah wanted to leave, but that's not true.

Salah wanted to stay, instead they made us believe that he wanted to leave.

We have sold players with whom we could really win something, and who today win elsewhere.

We had gold in our hands and there is nothing left.

We have had teams held together with scotch tape, which have done their best and I can't blame them, but the players were not up to the level of those sold.

My criticisms are directed above all to the president and his desire to do something important in a big city like Rome.

It does not seem to me that this is so, that there is enthusiasm, that he often comes to Rome.

Who commands Rome? Everyone and nobody.

Definitely the president, but through a third party.

Roma is a mortified team, which knows what it can do, even with a good coach like Fonseca, but we have given them the real jewels.

If you make a team with the players transferred you are the strongest team in the world, but we couldn't keep them.

Then I can't stand the lies: the players wanted to stay, they were sold for economic problems.

Talented kids like Zaniolo must be kept at all costs ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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