Thuram attacks Bonucci: “Shameful as the racist buu in Kean”

Thuram attacca Bonucci: "Vergognoso come i buu razzisti a Kean"

Thuram attacks Bonucci: "Ashamed as the racist buu in Kean". Photo EPA / ALEJANDRO GARCIA

ROME – The "hypocritical" football, "shameful" Bonucci like the racist buu towards Kean , his words the reason why the fight against racism "does not move forward".
Lilian Thuram, former defender of Juve and France world champion and now anti-racist activist, intervenes on the new case of the Italian championship, after Cagliari-Juve: "Did the referee interrupt the game? We are in full hypocrisy, "says Thuram to 'Le Parisien', who interviewed him before a conference in Lebanon.

Thuram: "Racism in football, this situation has been going on for years".

"This situation has been going on for years – its position – Everyone says 'we will stop the game next time' but it does not happen: the football authorities do not care, otherwise the game would have been interrupted, the team would have left the field and we would have found a solution ".

Thuram was particularly hard on Bonucci, who in the immediate post-race had spoken of 50 percent responsibility, referring to Kean's exultation after his network.

Gravina: "Rules against racist supporters already exist".

After the racist chants of Cagliari against some black players of Juventus “my position has not changed: there are rules that clearly provide for the procedures to be followed. Perhaps we must also begin, given that we are talking about some isolated cases in the stadium, to identify those responsible and to apply the sanctions that can lead to exclusion from the stadiums and to criminal complaints where there are the conditions ”.

This is the position of the Federcalcio president Gabriele Gravina from the ANSA website. "The words of Giulini? I respect the position of others, everyone can say what they see fit – he added on the sidelines of the press conference announcing the Premio Bearzot 2019 in the Federcalcio -. The FIGC must carry forward the projects, the rules and the application of sanctions, then everyone will respond for what they believe, "added Gravina.

The Thuram article attacks Bonucci: "Shameful as the racist buu in Kean" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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