The Times attacks: “Neutral fields? The problem is the health of the players “

LONDON (ENGLAND) – The British newspaper The Times has published a tough editorial by Henry Winter against Premier League clubs .

According to the Times, Premier clubs only think about money, they stick to unnecessary matters such as that of the neutral field but they do not care about the health of their players.

The Times editorial is reported by

"Twenty billionaire clubs fighting a position war on the" neutral field ", on the defense of the field factor, on what the Times calls their" psychological fortress ": its own stadium, even if empty.

The debate that is breaking the Premier League is "embarrassing".

They argue over bricks and concrete, when the real problem for restarting the championship should be the well-being of the players, in flesh and blood.

Sometimes it seems that for some of these clubs wealth is more important than health.

Premier League clubs, usually so attentive to their image as a collective, need to think more carefully about how they are perceived.



They challenge the government and the police, who have far more serious issues to deal with.

People won't forget it. "

A few hours earlier, footballer Danny Rose had attacked the British government hard.

“Does the government say we have to play football to raise the morale of the citizens?

I don't give a c … of this, they should think about our health ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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