Zeman: “Chiellini hates Inter because he often loses us. No to five substitutions “

ROME – Show by Zdenek Zeman during an interview with Un giorno da pecora on Rai Radio Uno.

The former coach of Rome and Lazio spared no one.

First he teased Chiellini, "Maybe he hates Inter because he often loses us," then he said his on Serie A , "I say no to the five substitutions."

Zeman's declarations are reported by corrieredellosport.it.

“Best wishes to Foggia for the centenary?

I've already made them – continues Zeman, who turns 73 today – Chiellini said he hates Inter?

I haven't read anything, I don't know what it is, I just think 'hating' is a bad word to use for football.

Maybe he said it because Inter is the team he lost the most against, I don't know, I don't know the statistics about it, nor the reasons.

What have I been doing these two months in quarantine?

Few things, since I was used to watching television.

I burned the TV anyway, since I never turned it off.

It was turned on 20 hours a day to see a little bit of everything. Have Sacchi and Lippi seen their old matches? I don't see mine, even if I have all of them.

The rule of five substitutions?

It is another of those things that makes the league irregular.

If you play 20 games with three changes, you cannot change the rules.

They must be the same throughout the season.

The change of rule would favor the roses with more players available.


There are many teams that have a very long bench and that send players to the stands. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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