The deer scores a goal and celebrates, his ballet is viral on social videos

cervo segna un gol ed esulta, il suo balletto è virale sui social VIDEO

Il goleador deer (YouTube still image)

ROME – Christmas is approaching and the web has found its new idol. It is a deer that marks in England as if he were a center-forward striker. You got it right, a deer … see the video at the bottom of the article to believe … The deer marks and then lets go to a ballet, like exultation, which is already viral on social networks. This new footballing idol, received visibility, to become viral, thanks to the spread of its magic in English TV.

Gary Lineker , former star of the English national football team, Barcelona and Tottenham, remained open-mouthed in front of the stag's exploits. Once he hung up his boots, Lineker began his career as a football commentator for English TV.

Lineker is considered one of the best British footballers in history. Gary Lineker began his racing career with the team from his hometown, Leicester City, with which he collected 194 appearances and 95 goals, establishing himself as one of the greatest talents of his generation, as well as dragging the club to victory in the Football League Championship in the 1984-1985 season.

After a brief interlude with Everton (30 networks in 41 appearances), Lineker linked his professional success to the period between the second half of the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s, in which he wore the club shirts emblazoned as the Barcelona and the Tottenham Hotspur. In his palmarès he can boast a Spanish Cup, an FA Cup, two Charity Shields and a Cup Winners Cup (source Wikipedia, YouTube video).

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