Bologna, Mihajlovic’s appeal: “Italians, donate the marrow”

Bologna, l'appello di Mihajlovic: "Italiani, donate il midollo"

Bologna, Mihajlovic in the photo Ansa

BOLOGNA – Sinisa Mihajlovic from Dall'Ara launches an appeal for bone marrow donations. In the pre-match in Bologna- Atalanta, he presented himself alongside Ail, the Italian association for the fight against leukemia, lymphomas and myelomas: the representatives of the Bolognese section of the association told the association's activities on the sidelines. And with them the coach appeared.

“I thank them and the doctors. The research has made many steps forward and thanks to this a bad disease like the one I fight with has become curable. First of all, I want to say one thing: prevention is fundamental, keep yourself controlled because it is fundamental, "he said. There are two other messages that the technician launches from Dall'Ara: “In Italy you don't give enough. We are lagging behind countries such as the north, the United States and Germany. The bone marrow transplant saves lives, so donate: unfortunately I can no longer. And I ask everyone to take the side of research: donate ”.

The match. Bologna won against Atalanta giving their fans a special Christmas. The race was decided by the markings of Rodrigo Palacio and Poli. For Atalanta, he scored Malinovsky, the second consecutive goal. Bologna took advantage of the opportunity in the presence of an Atalanta who was still leading the celebrations for the passage of the round in the Champions League (source Ansa).

The Bologna article , Mihajlovic's appeal: "Italians, donate the marrow" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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