Stefano Montomoli died of coronavirus, he was a sports journalist from Siena

SIENA – Stefano Montomoli, 69, a journalist who did not make it against the coronavirus despite the commitment of the entire structure, died today in the Covid department of the Polyclinic of the Scotte in Siena .

Day after day his condition had worsened so much that he had been intubated to facilitate his breathing.

Montomoli, former employee of the Sienese company Sclavo, (today Gsk), was also a publicist journalist and for a long time he had been director in charge of Radio Siena, born in the seventies, where he had arrived after first experiences in another local broadcaster, Antenna radio esse .

In particular , his passion was football but he also appreciated other sports, such as basketball.

He followed Siena as a commentator from the minor series with great competence, with irony in his judgments and above all in a very autonomous way.

He was described as one of those provincial chroniclers who really knew how to do his information work without much rhetoric and even without exaggerated partisanship. Matteo Borsi, current director of the Sienese broadcaster says:

“I met Montomoli when I started this job, at 17 years old. I remember his calmness in the judgment and his idea of ​​making young journalists grow and trained. I'm really sorry, let's lose, an authoritative voice in the sport of our city ".

Remember moved Vasco Bonci, previous owner of Radio Siena:

“We were peers and had a long collaborative relationship in radio management.

In 1990 I entrusted him with the direction of the radio until in 2014 I sold it.

However, he continued with his reports.

It has always been a point of reference for the radio and for all listeners ". (source AGI).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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