Stankovic with Totti and Batistuta, the Instagram photo that is worth 41 titles

Stankovic con Totti e Batistuta, la foto Instagram che vale 41 titoli

Stankovic with Totti and Batistuta, the Instagram photo that is worth 41 titles

MILAN – Three champions worth 41 titles. This is the image published on Instagram by Dejan Stankovic in which the Serbian executive appears in the company of former Roma captain Francesco Totti and former striker Gabriel Batistuta . In less than a day, the photo has reached about 22 thousand likes and the caption reads: "With Emperor and King Lion … What battles in the field, but always with great respect …".

Stankovic, photo with Totti and Batistuta on Instagram

The shot contains three undisputed champions who together won the astronomical figure of 41 titles. Twenty-five were won by Stankovic, who won both national and international trophies with Stella Rossa, Lazio and Inter. Ten others are those won by Batistuta, including two editions of the Copa America and one of the Confederations Cup with the Argentine national team. Totti, on the other hand, contributes six titles, among which, of course, the World Cup won by Italy in 2006 is recalled.

Under the image, dozens and dozens of comments by adoring fans: "Fantastic photos, you are legends", "Eternally extraordinary", "Deki, even out of shape you would run more than Joao Mario", "There is more talent in this photo that in all the Serie A "," You are unique, the real players of Football with a capital C "," And what an example you gave us, game after game "," What a show, football in a photo! ", "What a fantastic trio".

source: Agi.

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