Inter, Neymar at Zanetti and Schulz’s restaurant proposes: fans dream

Inter, Neymar al ristorante di Zanetti e Schulz si propone: tifosi sognano

Inter, Neymar at Zanetti and Schulz's restaurant proposes: fans dream (photo from social media)

MILAN – The break of the championship for the matches of the national teams makes the fans of the Inter market dream. Neymar jr, star of the PSG and the Brazilian national team, was caught in Milan, at the Botinero. This is the restaurant of Javier Zanetti , Inter manager, who offers modern Italian cuisine in an elegant football-themed space with a display of soccer shoes and dehors. While visiting Zanetti's restaurant, Neymar said he was a big fan of the former Inter captain and wanted to call him on the phone to say hello.

Inter, the German national team Nico Schulz dreams of playing with the Nerazzurri

Nico Schulz, born in 1995, is the man of German football day, after having solved the 'derby' against the Netherlands in extremis, valid for the European qualifiers. The defender of Italian origin (his father is from Ischia and his surname is D'Abundo), speaking at, he said he dreams of a future in a great club, maybe even in Italy.

"There are so many extraordinary teams – he admitted – that participate in the Champions League every year. Playing at certain levels is still a dream for me: I have always been a fan of Inter and one day I would like to wear Nerazzurri colors. I'm calm, especially because I play in a big club like Hoffenheim. I feel good here ".

source: Ansa.

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