Spinazzola: “Juve-Roma differences? None but my car was already broken and my backpack stolen “

Spinazzola: "Differenze Juve-Roma? Nessuna ma mi hanno già rotto la macchina e rubato lo zaino"

Spinazzola poses with the scarf of Rome which is his new club (photo Ansa)

ROME – Today Leonardo Spinazzola spoke at the presentation press conference as a new player of Roma . Among other things, he said he had already been the victim of a theft.

The statements of Leonardo Spinazzola are reported by the Corriere dello Sport: "Since I arrived in the capital, I have not seen any difference between Roma and Juventus in the organization. The only thing is that they broke the car and stole the backpack. " Gianluca Petrachi, the Giallorossi, then intervened: "You have to wake up because you can't leave it in plain sight on the seat, you still haven't figured out how it works here …".

Gianluca Petrachi was not only the protagonist of this curtain on the theft immediately but Leonardo Spinazzola but he also opened the press conference presenting the player. Your statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

"Spinazzola represents a bit of that air of change that I based on in my first press conference. The prototype of the player on which all of Rome will have to be based in the near future: a boy with important moral values, a boy who came with a contagious enthusiasm and technical values ​​of absolute respect.

I have been following the boy for several years and I am sincere, I must congratulate my colleague Paratici because when he sent him to play on loan in Perugia he always told me that Spinazzola could represent the future in that role of the Italian national team. I did not know him very well and from that moment, being Fabio (Paratici, ed) a person whom I esteem, I started to follow all his past.

He allowed Fabio to show that he was saying real things, but above all to the boy to make the right set, which today allows him to reach Rome as a leading player. I have high expectations in him and I know he is a guy who can give us a big hand. Now it will depend on him "(source Il Corriere dello Sport).

The Spinazzola article : "Juve-Rome differences? None but I have already broken the car and stolen the backpack " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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