Spinazzola: “Higuain? I can tell him that you are fine in Rome … “

Spinazzola: "Higuain? Posso dirgli che a Roma si sta bene..."

Spinazzola and Petrachi at the press conference to present the former Juventus player

ROME – Leonardo Spinazzola was presented as a new acquisition of Rome during a press conference held in Trigoria. The former Juventus player spoke a little of everything, including the market: "Higuain? I can't talk about other players. I can only tell him that you are fine in Rome. The director who is close to me will talk about him ". Your statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

Leonardo Spinazzola took stock of the first week of training under Paulo Fonseca.

"It was a nice week and good work. From the first day Fonseca asked us what he wants and how we're going to play in all the roles. He gave us directions. I really like it because it is a game that is beautiful to look at, important and to participate in all the roles. Now we start the second week where we will make the first friendlies ".

Spinazzola comes to Rome to do well and to establish himself as a holder but he has no desire to be revoked against his old club. "No compensation on Juventus, for us it is a job and companies and players make choices. Roma has been looking for me for a long time and when they told me to go to Rome as a protagonist or to stay another year behind another player, I chose to come here in a big square and I think I can improve a lot ”.

In Spinazzola they asked if he considers Rome a point of arrival. He answered this way. "The ways of the Lord are endless but Rome is a great society and a great team. After every year of companies and players it is a job, there are budgets, there is everything. You never know every year, for me already this year is a dream and I hope that this dream comes true and that with this team we will go to the top. There are also Europeans that for us Italians is an important showcase "(source Il Corriere dello Sport).

The Spinazzola article : "Higuain? I can tell you that in Rome you are right … " it seems to be the first of Blitz newspaper .

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