Spalletti-Giordano, video dispute on the Rai after Inter-Lazio 4-5 penalties

Spalletti-Giordano, video lite sulla Rai dopo Inter-Lazio 4-5 rigori

Spalletti-Giordano, video dispute on the Rai after Inter-Lazio 4-5 penalties

MILAN – Spalletti has failed his second seasonal goal. After the Champions League, Inter also came out of the Italian Cup and talks about the possible arrival of Antonio Conte, who was now in Milan, in his place. Spalletti showed up visibly nervous at the microphones of Rai and he quarreled with Giordano, former Lazio footballer and RAI columnist, on live TV. "We were a little awkward, when it came alive we stayed inside the game until the end.
We got frantic. Penalty on Skriniar? Penalty? If they do comment to another they do me a favor (the coach refers to Bruno Giordano in the studio that claims there is no penalty, ed). I can not do these analyzes ".

The disappointment of Luciano Spalletti

Luciano Spalletti appears disappointed in the after-game of Inter-Lazio in the Italian Cup. "Lucidity in the spinning of the ball was lacking – he continues – and when we went to attack the Lazio was completely lined up. We had chances on the net, with Candreva and with Lautaro at the last minute. Game in total balance, then on penalties you deserve it ".

Nainggolan was the protagonist in the negative, wrong the penalty that cost the qualification, while Perisic came out troubled by the events of the market, with the lack of transfer to the Premier League: how will Spalletti manage these situations? "I have to recover – he replies -: Nainggolan has had some injuries, regarding Perisic it is clear that we need to reorder the roles and obligations that a professional has".

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