Inter-Lazio, Giuseppe Cruciani’s gufata on the rigor of Nainggolan VIDEO

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Inter-Lazio, Giuseppe Cruciani's gufata on the penalty of Nainggolan

ROME – Giuseppe Cruciani , host of La Zanzara and a well-known Lazio fan, recovered as he followed the penalty shoot-out in the Coppa Italia match between Inter and Biancocelesti

The camera is aimed at the TV and portrays Cruciani from behind, standing behind the sofa, while quivering in the last penalties, the decisive ones. The video opens with Radja Nainggolan on the disk. "Well, well, I like Nainggolan", Cruciani's first joke in his "gufata" to the Nerazzurri midfielder and former Roma. "Please be wrong, I beg you wrong … then we have the opportunity" continues the journalist while the Belgian takes the run-up to the disk. Following the exultation, contained, for the parade of Strakosha and then the wait for the penalty of Lucas Lleiva.

When the Brazilian midfielder sends the ball into the net, decreeing the victory of Lazio, Cruciani is unleashed, starting to jump around the room: in the video also appears a smile to cover the B side of the journalist who, in exultation, probably ends up losing pants and show the underpants. To conclude, the anthem of Lazio, shot at full blast while the TV transmits the joy of the biancocelesti players on the ground of San Siro.

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