Sophia Floersch, operation lasting 11 hours. “Spinal cord was not damaged”

Sophia Floersch, operazione durata 11 ore. "Midollo spinale non è stato danneggiato"

Sophia Floersch, operation lasting 11 hours. "Spinal cord was not damaged" (Photo Facebook)

ROME – The operation to which Sophia Floersch, the young German driver crashed Sunday, November 18 against the protection networks at 276 kilometers per hour in the terrible accident during the GP of F3 in Macao, lasted eleven hours. But the good news is that the spinal cord does not seem to have been damaged: there would only be a fracture of the seventh cervical vertebra.

To give some information on the delicate intervention was the father of Sophia who spoke at, taken from the 'Bild': "Sophia is now monitored in the intensive care unit and will spend there the night", added Alexander Floersch .

24 hours after the crash, his team principal, Frits van Amersfoort, is still frightened and incredulous: "Sophia had to have an angel on her shoulder – she said – It's amazing how she survived, she banged like a missile at 276 km / h. It was the worst 20 minutes of my life ".

The operation began at 10am local time (3:00 am in Europe), said a spokesman for the health department of Macao adding that the medical staff proceeded "deliberately slowly to avoid further risks".

Among the good wishes arrived to the young German also those of the president of the FIA, the International Federation of motoring, Jean Todt, who via Twitter said to be close to the family: "After the serious accident of Macao, our organization has mobilized to help the people involved and evaluate the incident. All my thoughts are addressed to you, to Sophia Floersch and to the other wounded. I wish them a speedy recovery, "said the head of the FIA, who has in the meantime opened an investigation into the incident, to understand the dynamics of the accident.

The Floersch, in its first season in F3, in the race with the team Van Amersfroot Racing, during the 5 / o lap, has lost control of his car that has literally lifted from the ground for a few meters (CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO ) , flying like a missile over the safety barriers after having touched the machine of the Japanese Sho Tsuboi, finally crashing on the station where they were crowded photographers and cameramen, injuring two and also hitting a commissioner of the race that was nearby. The race was immediately interrupted.

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