Paul Gascoigne in trouble: a trial for sexual assault

Paul Gascoigne nei guai: a processo per aggressione sessuale

Paul Gascoigne in trouble: a trial for sexual assault

LONDON – New troubles for Paul Gascoigne: he will go to trial for an alleged sexual assault committed last August. On the 20th of that month , according to a lawsuit filed by a woman, the former Lazio player allegedly attacked a train passenger from York to Durham in the United Kingdom. Gascoigne was immediately arrested on charges of sexual violence and shortly thereafter released pending the conclusion of the investigation.

Gascoigne, who has long been struggling with alcohol addiction, had been the protagonist during the summer to Sky Sports's microphones as a technical commentator during the World Cup, but had to leave the post due to health reasons on the eve of the semi-final lost by England against Croatia, denying however that at the basis of the interruption of the employment relationship there were reasons related to the battle against alcohol.

Friends and relatives were hoping for a rebirth after finding love with divorced Sara Lovatt, 49, but it did not happen. The death of his nephew Jay Kerrigan, 22, overdosed, certainly did not help the already delicate situation of the English champion. The case of the alleged sexual assault this summer will be discussed on December 11 in court.

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