Serie A: Juventus-Napoli for the Scudetto, Lazio in the Champions League, Ventura debut choc

Serie A: è Juve-Napoli per lo scudetto, Lazio in zona Champions, Ventura esordio choc

Serie A: Juventus-Napoli for the Scudetto, Lazio in the Champions League, Ventura debut choc (Ansa)

ROME – Juventus has the first uncertainty of its assault championship and allows the regular Naples of Ancelotti to draw back and keep alive a race shield that seemed almost in the archives. While waiting for Inter, engaged in the night derby, Lazio with his job and concentration unlocks the difficult transfer of Parma and takes home three important points.

The two Inzaghi brothers are smiling because Pippo also conquers a point with Bologna, which recovers two goals for a dull Turin. In the relegation zone spectacular but sterile 3-3 between Frosinone and Empoli, while Atalanta catapults in calm waters overwhelming Chievo with a hat-trick and an assist of Ilicic. For Giampietro Ventura a nightmare debut on the Veneto bench. The Genoa company, which recovered a goal yesterday from Ronaldo, makes Juventus more human, now focused on Tuesday's match against Mourinho's Manchester United.

It is above all the Napoli that Ancelotti has impervious to the adverse and more mature circumstances, exploiting a rose that Sarri used instead with the dropper. Meanwhile, Lazio is still in the Champions League, managing the most complicated competitions with consummated trade. Parma plays in fact on equal terms, contains opponents without problems and looks forward with resourcefulness forward. In the locker room Inzaghi shrieks his who return to the field more volitive, but Parma defends himself calmly, then Lazio uses substitutions well and an initiative by Berisha forces the foul Gagliolo. Real estate turns coldly, then in the recovery doubles Correa and Lazio takes flight forgetting the disappointment of the derby. Pippo Inzaghi also smiles because his Bologna recovers a race that seemed compromised.

Toro sornione goes ahead with Iago Falque who then gives the 2-0 assist to Baselli. It seems done but the heart of Bologna comes out: first Santander melee after a pole of Palacio and then Calabresi, on a general sleep of defense, give a deserved equal to the Emilian. In recovery Zaza wasted the victory goal. Caporetto for Ventura debut on the Chievo bench.

Relative the faults of the former coach, who finds a team in disarray that remains in 10 to 40 'for the expulsion of Barba. The Atalanta returns to its levels after a clumsy start of the championship but also unlucky: Ilicic, long absent, takes on the shoulders in Verona with three goals and an assist for a 5-1 final that re-launches Gasperini and more a team already penalized.

Emotions and bunches also in Frosinone where at the end the Empoli gets a spectacular equal. Silvestre scored in both goals, the Frosinone is invaded with a double by Daniel Ciofoli, then splendid conclusion of the former Romanist Ucan for the equal that is not 'useful for the ranking of the two teams.

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Serie A: Juventus-Napoli for the Scudetto, Lazio in the Champions League, Ventura debut debut seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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