Chievo, Ventura fool debut: how many sfottò on social media (PHOTO)

Chievo, Ventura figuraccia all'esordio: quanti sfottò sui social (FOTO)

Chievo, Ventura fool debut: how many sfottò on social media (PHOTO)

VERONA – Bitter debut for Gian Piero Ventura, on the bench of Chievo, overwhelmed at home by 5-1 dall'Atalanta. For his return to the lead of a team after the blue flop, Ventura certainly hoped for something better, but today he turned everything wrong.

"On the numerical level – he told Sky's microphones the coach – I think it's a game that can not even be commented on. It has not even started. After 5 minutes it was understood that there was no possibility. We wanted to play but there was not the serenity to do even the most trivial play ".

"In these first six days at the helm of the team – Ventura explained – we started from the game and it was probably a mistake. To make the game you must have personality and serenity. I will have to take a step back, I did wrong ".

For the future, however, Ventura has clear ideas: "We have to start from the serenity, from the reconquest of evil in the field, we also need a physical condition that allows it, today after half an hour some players had already arrived.

From tomorrow we will have to talk a little less about the game and a little more than all those basic components for a football team, compactness, serenity, malice. I thought you could start right away from the game, but it was probably a mistake. "

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