Serie A, agreement to cut players’ salaries (if the league starts again)

ROME – Cut of 15% of salaries if Serie A restarts , share doubled up to 30% if the championship will be declared ended early due to the Coronavirus emergency. This is the line that emerged during the League Assembly which took place this morning, April 6.

A resolution which, applied on a gross annual basis, in the first case will limit the monthly payments to which the players must give up to two while in the second (that of permanent suspension) there will be four to be cut. What will be the savings? The estimate ranges from a minimum of 260 million to a maximum of approximately 520 million. Having established the general criterion, it is also specified that it will now be up to the individual companies to reach agreements with their respective members.

"This intervention – reads the official note -, necessary to safeguard the future of the entire Italian football system, provides for a reduction equal to 1/3 of the total gross annual salary (or 4 average all-inclusive monthly payments) in the event that it is not possible to resume the sport, and a 1/6 reduction in the total gross annual salary (i.e. 2 all-inclusive average monthly payments) if the remaining matches of the 2019/2020 season can be played in the coming months. It is understood that the Clubs will directly define the agreements with their members ".

Another theme: the resumption of the championship . Despite optimistic forecasts , that is, the possibility that the activity will restart in the second half of May, at the latest by June, the clubs have preferred to keep a low profile.

"The Serie A League is following the evolution of the scenario in close coordination with UEFA, the FIGC and the ECA – reads the statement. The desire to end the season and to return to play without taking risks was confirmed only when health conditions and government decisions allow it. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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