I do not stay at home “athletic”: fined the marathon runner Giulia Sommi and the national triathlon Bianca Seregni

ROME – Even athletes, champions of various sports disciplines are prohibited from leaving home. Even the champions transgress (in the weekend 20 thousand transgressors in total) and are fined. Like the twenty-year-old promise of the Giulia Sommi marathon. Or the national triathlon and world aquathlon champion Bianca Seregni.

Giulia Sommi's transgression is clearer and more readable. Last Sunday he took the car to get away from his home, he traveled 4 km in the direction of a wood near Vigevano. She trained by running about fifteen km, but when she returned, the police found us in front of the car. 503 euro fine and walk.

Perhaps different – says Gazzetta dello Sport – the transgression that led to the fine for Bianca Seregni, plucked Thursday. She had gone out to train by running near her home in the San Siro area of ​​Milan. The police told her to go home, she protested by showing the authorization of the federation. Nothing doing, the cops cited the latest stricter decree than the previous provisions.

The Journal considers the fine at least questionable, for three reasons. “A) Because you can keep running close to home. B) Because top athletes were forbidden to train alone or in a group but only with regard to sports facilities. C) Because in any case the same decree started from Saturday 4 April ". (source Gazzetta.it)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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