Serie A 2020-2021 from 26 September, the De Laurentiis proposal

Serie A 2020-2021. The League is pushing for 12 September while De Laurentiis proposes to restart on 26.

“The League was thinking of a crazy setting to start the next championship on September 12th. But there are national teams that play from August 31 onwards. Better to start at least a week or two later. "

The president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis said it during the press conference to present the summer retreat in Castel Di Sangro.

"I remember – said De Laurentiis – that you have to give the players a rest and then have the teams train before the start of the season.

From August 31 and in the first groups of September there are the national teams that engage the players of the top clubs, those who drive all football.

So when do you train? In my opinion, the Serie A should start again on the 19th or better yet on the 26th.

"The Champions League? I am confident, the bigger challenges are longer and the more we like and therefore clearly we would like the adventure in the Champions League to be still long ".

“We play the 8 against Barcelona – said De Laurentiis – and if it goes wrong we would give the players 12 days of vacation and then we will find them on the 20th in Castel di Sangro. Obviously we hope that the start of the retreat will slip if we go ahead "(source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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