Neuer in the storm, sang far right song “Lijepa li si”

Manuel Neuer in the storm for having sung a far-right song. Obviously the video with its stunt is viral on social media.

Neuer is spending his holidays in Croatia after winning the league title with Bayern Munich.

Holidays that will end soon because then the player will have to return to the base to prepare for the Champions League game against Chelsea.

In the video, Neuer was on a boat in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The goalkeeper was in the company of several friends (there was also Toni Tapalovic, Bayern Munich goalkeeper coach).

On this ship, we can admire, so to speak …, Neuer in a singer version. The Bayern Munich goalkeeper was singing "Lijepa li si" ("How beautiful you are").

It is not just any song, it is a hymn on the far right. In this song Marko Perovic weaves the praises of the Croatian Nazi regime of Ustasha.

Neuer has not made public pronouncements on this topic, nor has he defended himself against the accusations made by users on social networks.

The goalkeeper has been publicly defended by his agent:

“Manuel doesn't speak Croatian, he sang this song just because the others were doing it and he was catchy. But Manuel did not know the meaning of the words at all or he would not have sung it "(YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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