Sergio Romero, traffic accident for the Manchester United goalkeeper

Sergio Romero, Ansa

Sergio Romero, the Manchester United goalkeeper (photo Ansa)

ROME – Road accident for the Argentinian goalkeeper of Manchester United, ex Sampdoria, Sergio Romero.

The goalkeeper, in fact, as the English newspapers tell, destroyed his 200,000 euro Lamborghini in a street near the English team's training ground.

The team confirmed the facts, specifying that the player suffered no injuries. The accident occurred near the training ground in Carrington, so much so that the 32-year-old was able to train with the rest of the team within hours of the crash.

Born in 1987, Sergio Romero, after three years in Italy with the Sampdoria shirt, has been at Manchester United since 2015.

Initially he was chosen as the goalkeeper, given the problems between the team mate David de Gea and the club; however, following the renewal of the Spaniard, Romero was relegated to the reserve role.

Manchester United is not a very lucky year. The English team is currently fifth in the standings at 34 points, five points behind Chelsea fourth and very far from the top three: Leicester City (45 points), the cousins ​​of Manchester City (48) and the now unattainable, it seems for everyone, Liverpool at 64 points.

Source: The Daily Mail.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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