Juve-Parma, Sepe: “No blasphemy. Here’s what I said “

Luigi Sepe

Luigi Sepe and the post published on Instagram

ROME – Parma scores and the goalkeeper from Emilia, Luigi Sepe, swears. Nothing strange. Nothing strange if we exclude someone who felt offended on social media. So much so that in the end the goalkeeper of Parma felt compelled to have to justify the curse:

"Since I see that many people have commented on my alleged blasphemy … I wanted to ensure that I had not blasphemed because I said 'Uncle pig' and nothing else …".

On the other hand, Sepe would also risk disqualification if the blasphemy were proven.

The blasphemy, in fact, is considered in all respects an insulting and unsportsmanlike act, punished by the referee when it is caught in real time. Or from the cameras when it isn't heard by the referee.

Blasphemy or not then? Sepe says no.

Source: Instagram, YouTube.

Maurizio Sarri pampers Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Because he is an animal that feeds on goals – if Maurizio Sarri pampers him after his victory against Parma – he is a champion who solves a hundred problems for you. Scoring 11 goals in 7 league games is something out of class: after the injury he regained confidence beyond his athletic qualities ".

"The last thing I want to hear is that of the closed championship – underlines the Juventus coach -: there are 54 points available … It was important to win at the Stadium, but for the future there is nothing to say. It was a dirtier game than the last few releases and we could have closed it earlier: I sent a signal with the trident after 2-1, but we didn't make the third goal and there was suffering. The positive aspect is that we know how to suffer more than two months ago ".

Source: Ansa.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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