Sarri triumphs in the Europa League, the compliments of Napoli arrive

Sarri trionfa in Europa League, arrivano i complimenti del Napoli

Sarri triumphs in the Europa League, the compliments of Napoli arrive. Photo EPA / YURI KOCHETKOV

BAKU – Maurizio Sarri's Chelsea triumphed in the Europa League, a few seconds later the compliments of Napoli arrived through social networks: “Aurelio De Laurentiis and all of Naples congratulate Maurizio Sarri for the victory of EuropaLeague with an overwhelming performance . Bravo Maurizio! " Curiously, Napoli congratulates Maurizio Sarri but not with the other ex Jorginho.

Sarri wins the Europa League, the Napoli fans fear to see him at Juventus.

The ex coach of the Campania region left a great memory of himself in Naples. Most of the Neapolitan fans would have liked to see him again on the San Paolo bench. The fans took responsibility for his farewell to the patron De Laurentiis. Now in Naples there is the terror of seeing Sarri as Juventus' enemy.

A delegation of Napoli supporters went to Figline Valdarno, in Tuscany, to display a banner in front of the Italian house of Chelsea coach with written above: "Commander do not betray the people, Naples loves you". Before this triumph in the Europa League, the landing of Sarri at Juventus seemed to be taken for granted. Agnelli went to Baku to get his yes and to reach an agreement with Chelsea to free him. After this extraordinary performance, Chelsea could change their mind and could confirm it on the Blues bench. We will know in the next few hours.

The Sarri article triumphs in the Europa League, the compliments of Napoli seem to be the first on daily Blitz .

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