Sampdoria-Atalanta, Marino protests: “Ferrari’s foul on Barrow was red”

Sampdoria Atalanta Marino Fallo Ferrari Barrow era espulsione

Sampdoria Atalanta, Umberto Marino protests on behalf of the company

GENOA – The Atalanta raises its voice. After the draw in Genoa against Sampdoria, Umberto Marino showed up at Sky Sport's microphones to protest against the referee on behalf of Atalanta: "Since they all talk, we do it too. Because if Atalanta is always silent, they think everything is fine. After the match against Lazio the coach spoke, today I speak on behalf of the company. Ferrari's foul on Musa Barrow was a red card.

This episode conditioned the game. The other teams are always protesting, we are always silent but our patience has a limit. If the referee showed the red to the Sampdoria player, the match would certainly have changed.

The referee can have a bad day like a soccer player who misses a goal but in the age of var it is not acceptable that his assistants do not correct him. What were his assistants doing? What then is the VAR used for? What were they looking at in the VAR room? It is a pity that this episode has penalized Atalanta. We would have liked to play Ferrari with red, I am sure the race would have changed ”.

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