Liverpool, tris to the City. Guardiola protests against the referee VIDEO

Liverpool City Guardiola protesta con arbitro video YouTube virale sui social

Guardiola furious with the referee after Liverpool-Manchester City 3-1 (from YouTube)

LIVERPOOL (ENGLAND) – Manchester City has collapsed in the Premier League championship challenge against Liverpool. Thanks to this success, Liverpool flew to more than nine of the England champions in charge of Manchester City. At the end of the race, Pep Guardiola protested against the referee repeating nervously: "Thank you so much". Obviously the "thank you very much" was ironic. Guardiola protested for a long time against the referee also during the match for two penalties denied to Manchester City for some touches with the hand in the Liverpool area.

Arbitration episodes apart, there was no history in the field. Liverpool dominated the match by taking the number three to zero. The race was unlocked by a twenty meter Fabinho "torpedo". Then the doubling with Momo Salah. The Egyptian has scored on Robertson's cross. At 51 ', the team coached by Jurgen Klopp closed the games with Sadio Mané.

The Senegal striker scored ahead of Henderson's cross. The defense of Manchester City has played a disastrous game considering that it has conceded goals of head to Salah and Mané that are all less than giants (to put it mildly …). The network of the flag of Manchester City has been realized by Bernardo Silva with powerful shot on the pole defended by Alisson.

Immediately after the final whistle of the match, Pep Guardiola lashed out at referee Michael Oliver, guilty, according to him, of not having awarded two penalties to Manchester City. Pep Guardiola shook his hand nervously and continued to exclaim, "Thank you so much! Thank you so much! ". Needless to say, his reaction is already viral on social networks. Especially Liverpool supporters are using it to create some memes to tease the opposing fans.

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