SalvaCalcio, a new tax to save football and soccer players

ROME – SalvaCalcio, so the decree has already been renamed which should contain a new tax which should feed and support the "Fund for the revitalization of the national sports system".

"The proposal to allocate 0.75% of the collection of sports betting is unmotivated, absurd and dangerous and furthermore advanced at a time when the Covid-19 crisis has brought the country, its companies and its workers ", reads in the joint press release issued by Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services, Fipe-Confcommercio and Confesercenti.

If applied effectively, the betting sector would today be the only one in Italy to suffer a tax increase.

Support for sport is certainly important and deserving but, in doing so, it will still weigh on the shoulders of workers and families who are already experiencing the drama of layoffs and who, instead of receiving support, will lose their jobs.

The measure would in fact weigh on the already highly taxed gaming sector, hard hit, like the others, by the repercussions deriving from the health emergency, without yet a date and a prospect for the reopening and with tens of thousands of workers in layoffs, including those of the 10,000 small business owners who manage the stores.

The contribution they estimate, applied only to companies operating in Italy, would result in an estimated 30% increase in current taxation, forcing operators to make drastic choices, with immediate negative repercussions on employment.

But not only. In fact, one wonders: why should a company still make use of Italian concessions? Why not go abroad where the sector is not under such pressure?

At this point, it seems, for no reason.

Such a decision would lead not only to the loss of thousands of jobs but also to the loss of tax revenue and of a tax revenue which in 2019 was equal to 15.5 million euros.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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