Salah, extraordinary number on the goalkeeper in Egypt-Guinea VIDEO

youtube Salah, numero straordinario sul portiere avversario in Egitto-Guinea VIDEO

Salah, extraordinary number on the goalkeeper in Egypt-Guinea VIDEO from YouTube

CAIRO – Egypt is preparing for the African Cup in the best way. Momo Salah's team won 3 to 1 against Guinea with a great game final. The match has long been on the one-to-one result but then it was from an extraordinary play by the Liverpool striker who favored a teammate's goal.

Egypt took the lead after just eleven minutes of play with a goal by Marwan Mohsen. Guinea played a great second-half start and hit the match at 63 'with Sory Kaba. When the match seemed to end on a tie, Salah thought of breaking the balance with an absolute star game.

The former Roma striker started on the counterattack, dribbled the goalkeeper several times, making him go crazy, and then kicked from a tight angle. Salah hit the post but a team-mate, Ahmed Ali Kamel, scored without a goal on goal, bringing Egypt into the lead again.

Having suffered the second goal of Egypt, Guinea has tipped forward in a desperate search for a draw but this unscrupulous tactical attitude exposed her to the restarts of an Egypt that closed the match at 86 'with Omar Gaber.

After winning the Champions League, in the finals against Tottenham, Momo Salah's framing season continues. The Liverpool Liverpool striker is the leader of his national team and hopes to make a difference even in the next African Cup.

The video from YouTube with the magic of Momo Salah against the Guinea goalkeeper. This play gave the advantage to Egypt which then went on to win the match with the result of 3 to 1.

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