Francesco Lodi, triple jump: from Serie C to debut in the Europa League

Francesco Lodi, triplo salto: dalla Serie C all'esordio in Europa League

Francesco Lodi, triple jump: from Serie C to debut in Europa League (photo Ansa)

CATANIA – Dreams have no age. Francesco Lodi, for all Ciccio , is about to pass from Catania, the Italian Serie C, to Lugano, the team of the highest division of Swiss football that participates in the Europa League preliminaries. In short, for the almost 36-year-old, this would be a triple somersault from the Italian C-series quicksand to the unhoped-for debut of European Cups.

Ciccio Lodi was the protagonist of an excellent career but he could have done more, for example he could have played European cups before, because his talent was never questioned. Lodi has had an extraordinary career start, he has been part of all the Italian national youth teams, from the under 15 to the under 21, but then he missed the definitive leap in quality over the most beautiful.

He lacked continuity and a bit of luck but now, at almost 36 years, he can take his revenge by moving to a club that would allow him to fight for the Scudetto in Switzerland and finally participate in European cups.

The beauty is that this opportunity was not sought by Lodi, who was delighted to be back in Catania, his favorite team, also in Serie C. It was the Sicilian club that decided to put it on the market after the failed promotion in Serie B.

During his long career, Ciccio Lodi played with Empoli, from the youth team to the explosion in the first team, with Vicenza, Frosinone, Udinese, Genoa, Catania, where he had his final consecration in professional football, with Parma and Udinese.

After the experience with the Udinese shirt, he decided to go down from Serie A to Serie C for the love of the Catania shirt. Now he could leave Sicily to play in the Europa League.

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